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Who We Are

The Association of ESG Professionals in Capital Markets ("AEPCM") is a not-for-profit corporation specifically focused on embracing and supporting integration of ESG within global capital markets.  We host networking events including breakfasts, lunches and receptions where we feature and recognize prominent industry leaders.  AEPCM provides a platform for participants in ESG and related finance disciplines to meet frequently, strengthen professional relationships, share ideas and learn industry trends in congenial settings. 

Our Mission

To promote the common business interest of advancing ESG in Capital Markets, to stimulate industry awareness and recognition, and to create and maintain a network that increases opportunities for professional advancement of members.

We curate our events to showcase cutting-edge trends and facilitate meaningful discussion.  We encourage networking so members can develop and strengthen professional relationships in this dynamic and fast-growing industry.


We are a group committed to the growth and development of the integration of ESG in Capital Markets.  Any person, at least twenty-one years of age who has a keen interest in these related disciplines may qualify as a member of AEPCM.


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Beth S. Griper


Managing Director

MacKay Shields LLC

Wayne A. Seaton


Head of Global Fixed Income

Product Strategy/Development


Heather L. McGee

Administration & Programs

Chief Operating Officer 

17 Asset Management


Stephen L. Brown

Senior Advisor

Board Leadership Center 



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